Discover the hiking and cycling routes of the Remembrance Trails

These regions are home to the many sites that bear the scars of two world wars. The sites commemorate the selfless sacrifice of those who took part and now, thanks to the regional Remembrance Trails, you can discover them at your leisure along local cycling and hiking routes. Each route develops a specific theme and is accompanied by an illustrated guide. Consult the guide on your mobile (or download it) to discover the human side of these conflicts and learn about the region and its history in an original and compelling way.
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Duration: 2h. - Distance: 7,3 km

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Contact: Office de tourisme du Cambrésis
Call: +33(0)3 27 78 36 15
E-mail: contact(at)tourisme-cambresis(dot)fr
Starting point: Wilfred Owen Forester's House - Route départementale D 959 – 59360 ORS

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In the footsteps of Wilfred Owen

On 8 August 1918 the German Army was finally routed from the gates of Amiens. This success signalled the start of the Hundred Days Offensive which would end in victory for the Allied forces on 11 November. During this period the department of Nord was gradually liberated by British forces which included many soldiers from Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Although enemy morale was extremely low by the summer of 1918, manifesting itself in numerous desertions and mass surrender, parts of the German Army were determined to fight to the bitter end. Because of this, losses were extremely high on both sides in the final weeks of the conflict.

Wilfred Owen's fate resembled that of many on the battlefield however his death, coming as it did barely a week before the end of the fighting, was particularly tragic because it epitomized the destruction wrought by the First World War on the talent it engendered. Soldiers produced a surprisingly rich body of literature which, in addition to the work of the war poets, included numerous accounts written in prose during and just after the Great War. But it was Wilfred Owen's powerful poetry that was to become justly famous throughout the English-speaking world. This hiking trail follows in the footsteps of the poet during his final days, through a landscape which once again knows peace after having twice in the course of the twentieth century suffered the ravages of war.

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