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These regions are home to the many sites that bear the scars of two world wars. The sites commemorate the selfless sacrifice of those who took part and now, thanks to the regional Remembrance Trails, you can discover them at your leisure along local cycling and hiking routes. Each route develops a specific theme and is accompanied by an illustrated guide. Consult the guide on your mobile (or download it) to discover the human side of these conflicts and learn about the region and its history in an original and compelling way.
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Duration: 1h - Distance: 2,4 km

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Contact: Maubeuge tourist office
Call: +33(0)3 21 67 66 66 
Starting point: Porte de Mons, Place Vauban, 59600 MAUBEUGE

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Maubeuge under the Germans

The walking route ‘Maubeuge under the Germans’ provides an insight into the scale and brutality of the German occupation of 1914–1918. It was in many respects just as bad as the occupation of 1940–1944.

Situated close to the front, Maubeuge was surrounded by training camps, supply depots and military hospitals and, as a result, a great number of soldiers were quartered in the town. The occupying force kept the French civilians under strict control, employing threats and punishment, and imposed forced labour. Using the pretext that the Allied blockade was starving the population across the Rhine, the Germans engaged in the systematic looting of the industrial and agricultural resources of the occupied territories which in turn led to local shortages, particularly food. However aid from the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB), a charity under the direction of future American president Herbert Hoover, managed to stave off famine.

The route also sheds light on the early days of aerial warfare, from airships and observation aircraft through to the dominance of fighter planes and bombers.



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