Until 16 November 2014


Programme of national events marking the centenary of the First World War

Calais Museum of Fine Arts is proud to present an exhibition of contemporary art in collaboration with the Caen Regional Collection of Contemporary Art (FRAC) and the Sainsbury Art Centre of Norwich.

Monument looks at remembrance from the standpoint of history, art and, of course, current affairs. Whatever the accepted meaning, whether architectural work or sculpture to perpetuate the memory of a person or an event, or perhaps an edifice noted for its beauty or age, the word 'monument' exists in both French and English. The exhibition also looks at our common history, turbulent and complex, from the Hundred Years' War to the alliances of the twentieth century.

Practical informations

Where: Musée des beaux Arts - 62100 - Calais
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Phone number: +33 (0)3 21 46 48 40
Email : musee@mairie-calais.fr
Prices: TP : 4 / TR :2
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