Discover the hiking and cycling routes of the Remembrance Trails

These regions are home to the many sites that bear the scars of two world wars. The sites commemorate the selfless sacrifice of those who took part and now, thanks to the regional Remembrance Trails, you can discover them at your leisure along local cycling and hiking routes. Each route develops a specific theme and is accompanied by an illustrated guide. Consult the guide on your mobile (or download it) to discover the human side of these conflicts and learn about the region and its history in an original and compelling way.


French National War Cemetery at Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

Souchez Main Square

Monument to the glory of General Barbot’s division

Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery

The Moroccan Division Memorial

Vimy Ridge National Historic Site of Canada

Zivy Crater

Neuville-Saint-Vaast – Village Centre

German War Cemetery at La Maison Blanche

Home for Disabled War Veterans

Torch for Peace

French National War Cemetery at La Targette

Écoivres Military Cemetery

Ruined towers of Mont-Saint-Éloi abbey

Carency Village

Ruined church of Ablain-Saint-Nazaire

Fromelles Church

Abbiette Bunker

Kennedy Memorial

Australian Memorial Park

V.C. Corner Cemetery and Memorial

Le Trou Aid Post Cemetery

Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery

Pheasant Wood

Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery

Battle of Fromelles Museum

The Wilfred Owen Forester's House

Place d'Ors

Ors British Cemetery

Sambre–Oise Canal

Commemorative plaque

Ors main square

Ors Communal Cemetery

Bois-l’Évêque Forest and the Ermitage Chapel

Use this map to visualize all the available routes. Each symbol represents a route. Click on the symbol to display the general description of the route on this page. You can then examine the route in greater detail (route map, sites, photos, practical information, download the guide, and more).

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The Great War Cycling Trail in Artois

Duration: 3 hours - Distance: 18,33 miles

In 1915 the French Army retook the hill known as Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. In 1917 the Canadians liberated Vimy Ridge. Today the remembrance sites of the Artois Hills commemorate these major events of the First World War.

In the footsteps of Wilfred Owen

Duration: 2h. - Distance: 7,3 km

On 4 November 1918 the British Army launched an operation to cross the Sambre–Oise Canal at the village of Ors. Among the soldiers who died that day was Wilfred Owen, one of the greatest British poets of the twentieth century.

The Battle of Fromelles

Duration: 2h30 env. - Distance: 10,6km

On 19 July 1916 Australian soldiers fought alongside their British counterparts in an attack at Fromelles to divert enemy resources from the main Somme Offensive. Today the mass graves in Pheasant Wood, discovered in 2008, and the new Fromelles Museum bear witness to this major event in the history of the Australian nation.

From Ablain-Saint-Nazaire to Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes - Distance: 4 miles

Ablain-Saint-Nazaire, situated at the foot of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Hill, was reduced to a pile of rubble during the French offensive in Artois in 1915. After the war the village was rebuilt and the largest French military cemetery was founded on the plateau that overlooks it.